• “Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally.”

    – Jon Kabat-Zinn

  • “The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.” 

    - Thích Nhất Hạnh

  • “Meditation practice isn't about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better. It's about befriending who we are already”. 

    - Pema Chodron

  • “You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.” 

    - Jon Kabat-Zinn

iStock_000001087450_SmallWhat is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a way to bring health, wellbeing and vibrancy to our lives. Through mindfulness we are wholeheartedly present and fully alive in each moment. It is a practical skill which involves consciously slowing down and being present in each moment, allowing us to accept our experience without judgement. It is a process whereby we deliberately pay attention to our thoughts, emotions or physical sensations in a way that is non-judgemental and supportive to our wellbeing. Mindfulness practice allows us to connect with our breath and our physical body, this is the key to present moment awareness. Through becoming fully aware of the present moment we learn to not get caught up by past regrets or worry too much about the future. This allows us to open to experiences of happiness, peace and wellbeing in our lives. We learn to appreciate what is around us whether it be a beautiful sunny day or the joy of connection with a loved one. Mindfulness is a powerful practice which can greatly reduce our stress levels in a busy world. It allows us to become fully engaged and present in our lives.


Thanks so much Shirine. It has been an amazing 8 weeks. I am more relaxed and calm and better equipped to deal my busy life as a mom, manager and wife. My children now have my full attention in the evenings, we have much more fun at home now. I am able to switch gears between work and home.” –Karen


Mindfulness meditation is over two thousand years old and is rooted within the Buddhist tradition. Today, mindfulness has become better understood in Western society and it is now recognised for its’ universal benefits in supporting both physical and mental health, thus greatly improving our overall wellbeing. The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course was developed over thirty years ago by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts to bring mindfulness into mainstream medicine and healthcare. The program has been subject to a broad range of clinical research which has demonstrated it’s effectiveness in improving physical and psychological symptoms such as stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Furthermore, it has shown that regular mindfulness practice can improve self-esteem, increase concentration, and provide a greater resilience to life’s challenges.


It has transformed my life and how I live my life. Not in a way that others (except maybe those closest to me) would notice, but it is has fundamentally changed how I live my life – and hopefully will continue to live my life.


What is MBSR?